Welcome to the website of Czech Zealots

We are a guild of CZ/SK players, mainly in the free to play, fantasy PvP mmorpg Shaiya.
Since we accept only czech or slovak speaking members (for the sake of communication), our pages, guides and forums are mainly in czech (or slovak) language.
If you are looking for an advice, please use the official website at fawkes.games
or feel free to contact some of our officers available HERE.

You can also become our fan on Facebook (see below)

About our guild

- CZ was formed on 5th July 2008 on Teos server
- oldest existing Czech (Slovak) guild and the oldest active guild from Teos server
- our first and main goal is to provide the best knowledgebase and ingame support
for the united Czech and Slovak community in Shaiya
- we recruited over 1900 individual members, not counting their multiple alt characters


- 3rd on Teos in cumulative ranking before merging
- 3rd on SYUS (Merged) in cumulative ranking 2014 and 2018
- 2nd on SYUS (Merged) in cumulative ranking 2015 - 2017 and 2019 - today
- in top 30 since the very beginning of GRB (Oct 2008) with 2 exceptions
- Teos GRB 6th or better since March 2010 (17 times first)
- SYUS (Merged) GRB 12th or better with only 8 exceptions
- average top 5; avg. top 4 since Feb 2014, avg. top 3 winter 2020/2021